Kim can give 1 hour lectures on any of her class subjects.

All classes are 2 hours long. They can be extended up to 3 hours.

Student numbers: unless otherwise noted, 30 students is the max for classes

Creative Techniques Workshops

Breaking the Rules: Building Unique Shawl Shapes

Contemporary shawls build on tradition, yet defy it openly. Shawls are for all genders and all sizes and are limited only by your imagination. Take what you know about traditional shapes and learn to bend, twist and break those shawl recipes. Learn how to manipulate shape for depth, for length and for colour and stitch play to start creating unique shawls just for you.

En Plane Air: Geometric Knitting

Learn how to manipulate shapes and use stitch patterns and increases/decreases to add a sculptural element to your knitting. Building on basic flat figures, we’ll explore how to build 3-dimensional shapes and how to use modular methods to put them together. Unusual shawl shapes, asymmetrical hemlines, unique sleeve details, toys, jewellery and more… The applications are endless!

Off Kilter: Sweater Knitting on the Edge

If you love clothing with simple, contemporary shapes and off-balance details, this is the class for you. When we think about asymmetry in clothing, what should we be thinking about? What details work? Which one leave parts of you out in the cold? We’ll look at designs that use asymmetry as design details and talk about how to build balanced asymmetry into your own handwork.

Inspiration to Admiration: Creating a Story in Yarn

How do you take an idea from inspiration to finished object? Over your knitting lifetime, you’ve developed techniques, colours and stitch patterns you love to work with. This class builds on what we already know, showing how to translate the skills you have now to your knitting projects to make them deeply personal.

In Stitches

Stitch patterns create our favourite textures in our knits, and should be as unique as we are. Let’s develop a library of personalized stitch patterns, by expanding and contracting, manipulating and warping common stitch patterns. Learn how to adapt a favourite pattern to best suit a garment, scarf or shawl. Learn how to plan, map out or improvise a stitch pattern to travel in a dynamic way across your knits and how to incorporate it into newly increased or decreased stitches.

Technicolour Shawls

Technicolour Shawls takes an in-depth look at colour play in shawls. Basic colour theory gives us rules for working with colour and helps us choose them. We’ll learn how to develop our instincts, when to trust our own colour sense and learn tools to help confirm what effects the colours we’ve chosen will have. Learn multiple techniques of yarn management for multicoloured shawls: How to determine how much of each colour you will need for your gauge as well as how to manage switching colours and weaving in ends as you go. And finally, strategies for building a collection of “leftovers” that helps your shawl knitting.

Practical Techniques Workshops

Mastering Knitted Fabric

As a die-hard fibre and fabric nerd, I am endlessly fascinated about why different fibres, yarn constructions and fabrics can determine how much a project is loved.  Why do you love some projects more than others? Why do some yarns produce a fabric that “tilts” to one side, and how that will affect your final sweater? Why does a lace shawl knit with wool yarn differ so greatly from a cotton one? How yarn is constructed, the fibres it comes from and how those two factors combine with your needles to create fabric is a web of mysteries that we will unravel in this class. Learn how to create fabric you love for knits that will wear, drape, fit and last the way you’ve always wanted them to. 

Sweaters That Fit!

Are you a would-be Sweater Knitter? Do you have fears of putting time and effort into sweaters that don’t fit? In this class we’ll look at ways to improve your sweater knitting before you start your pattern. Learn how to create perfect sweater fabric and how to take the most important measurements for sweater fit, and apply that information to how to choose the best size for you, and how to build a “hybrid size” when your measurements span more than one size. Finally we’ll look at what you need to know about sweater knitting, ease and design details to knit better sweaters for your body and personal style.

Modifications: Easy Math for Mastering Sweater Fit (max. 20 students)

Using a schematic and your measurements, we’ll look at how to master the fit of sweater patterns to YOUR body, and what those modifications look like in a simplified form. A sample pattern schematic will be used to walk through how to choose your size, how a hybrid size can be a solution when your measurements span more than one size, and what to do when your gauge and the pattern gauge don’t agree.


Why don’t more sweaters have pockets? All our clothing should have pockets! Big pockets. Useful pockets. Pockets you can put actual stuff in! 

Whether for holding your phone, collecting rocks on the beach, or having a pocket designed to hold a medical device, we all need pockets in our clothing. Sweaters are no exception.

JOIN THE POCKET REVOLUTION, as we explore several different pocket shapes and types, how to work them into a new pattern, and how to add them to your favourite finished sweaters.

Apocalyptic Making Skills: Solo Measurements

Every designer and instructor you’ve ever met has told you NOT to take your own measurements. But what are we to do when social distancing and isolation are the norm?

REBEL! And learn how to take measurements on our own, accurately. 

You’ll walk away knowing how to put together a “solo measuring” toolkit, learn how to take your own body measurements, suitable for knitting garments, and understand which measurements are key to great garment fit.

Inclusive Size Shawls: Shawls For Every Body

Your shawls should fit your body, the way you want them to. This can mean adapting a shawl shape to be shallower, deeper, longer or shorter to suit your height and body type.

In this class we will look at common shawl shapes and learn how to tweak the shape and size to work better for ourselves. We will also look at YOUR favourite shawl patterns and look at ways to modify them for your needs and desires.

Boob Camp: Bust Darts For Every Body

Learn life changing techniques for those of us with larger chests. Sweaters look best when they fit us in our shoulders and properly accommodate our chest. Bring your yarn, your needles and learn how to choose a size and to construct 2 types of bust darts for your chest, giving you endless choice for modifying any sweater pattern.

Secrets From The Skein: What Your Yarn Forgot To Tell You

Hand dyed yarns seduce us with their beauty, but are often challenging to work with. But once the honeymoon is over and you’re knitting your project, all its secrets rise to the surface. What is your hand dyed yarn REALLY telling you, and how can you best use it in your next project? 

We’ll explore:
-What kinds of projects are best suited for different dyeing styles
-Identify different dyeing styles and how to “read” your yarn
-The myth of the “dye lot”
-How to easily and effectively alternate skeins for larger projects

Colour Tetris

Colour, especially combining colours, often makes us nervous. Come and play with colour in this workshop and learn how colours can change how your textiles shine and reflect different personalities. Learn how to create different moods with colour, neutral knitted items that are not just black and grey and how to build colour combinations that are fun or sophisticated, professional or playful. Use colour to flatter YOU and express yourself, without fear.